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Our Press Release in APN Live – Bengaluru Squad emerges as leading security frontier in the city.

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Press release as in APN Live :

Security services are essential in today’s world to safeguard people in public places like malls, schools, and office buildings. At the same time, security guards play a vital role in the apartments protecting the inhabitants from any potent threats. In fact, they are the very first line of defense and also help in ensuring the smooth functioning of the business endeavors. With the growing urbanization, Indian cities are becoming even more prone to crime and nuisance with every passing day. Therefore, security services are emerging as an important component of city life. An urban space like Bengaluru which is full of tech parks, corporate offices, shopping malls, and residential apartments, requires expert security services to make their employees, customers, and residents feel safe. Bengaluru Squad Services Pvt. Ltd. is a certified security and investigation service that takes care of people’s safety responsibly.

Bengaluru Squad, a private security agency, provides both armed and unarmed security services to individuals and organizations. The security firm guarantees compliance with the safety and statutory regulations issued by the state of Karnataka and the Government of India. In addition to that, the agency is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified making their services reliable and trustworthy. The extensive range of their security services includes enforcing rules and regulations, responding to threats and emergencies, monitoring CCTV cameras, conducting security checks, personal security, home security, automobile security, event security, and aviation security.

The need for hiring security services has become crucial for businesses as it gives the employees and customers a sense of security. Especially businesses operating from the metro cities like Bangalore need such security services so that they can avoid any kind of emergency situation. At the same time, security guards help businesses maintain decorum in office spaces. From maintaining queues to control the entry of the people to managing the traffic in the parking places, security guards can come in handy in many cases. The highly experienced security guards at Bengaluru Squads support the productivity and functionality of the corporate spaces.

The private security company operates as per the Private Security Agency (Regulations) Act, 2005 and carries PSARA certification which ensures that their services have been thoroughly scrutinized by the Government officials. Their highly credible company profile has landed them some of the highly reputable names as their clients. With more than 16 years of experience in the sector, the firm’s top management has been able to maintain the quality of its services and security guards. There are more than 1000 security guards who are chosen after rigorous review and background check. They also provide training services to the security guards of any industrial establishment.

As a registered partner of ESI and PF authorities, Bengaluru Squad has earned a considerable reputation among its client base which includes some of the top corporates, malls, tech parks, five-star hotels, restaurants, pubs, warehouses, manufacturing units, apartments, and retail stores. With their dedicated services, the company aims at improving the safety standards of the establishments in the city of Bengaluru.