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Our Press Release in Daily Hunt – Bengaluru Squad and its Services

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Press release as in Daily Hunt :

We take pride in the fact that Bengaluru Squad Services is one of the few local companies with the ability to consistently meet the needs of our clients and the international standards of their organizations. This is as our multilingual management team is constantly available to our clients and flexible to their individual requirements. Bengaluru Squad Services is accordingly on the cutting edge of developments in the security industry and consistently striving to improve the service to our Clients through raising standards and lowering costs. Attaining all the statutory license and certification requirements including the most required PSARA and OHSAS we believe in total safety and reliable service.

Category of Services we offer

Corporate Security Services:

Corporate event managers understand the complexities of large-scale corporate events. Despite all of the moving parts involved, there is one element that trumps them all: the safety and security of your guests. Professional corporate event security personnel can help ensure that your event runs as you envisioned, without disruptions from any unplanned security threats. The services that our guards provide can help you put on a successful event, allowing you to achieve your organization’s business objectives.

Bengaluru Squad Services has been providing security guards to corporate clients for over years. Our guards work hard to make sure that event guests feel safe and event managers have peace of mind. Bengaluru Squad Services guards integrate themselves into your overall security program so they can seamlessly address issues with discretion, poise, and competence. Your guests should never have to worry about their safety. When you need the best protection available, choose to partner with the leading corporate event security company in the state of Karnataka.

Bengaluru Squad Services has supplied high-caliber security personnel for corporate clients for events including:

· Shareholder meetings

· Board meetings

· Product launches

· Service announcements

· Employee appreciation events

· Negotiations

· Trade shows

· Conventions

· Corporate retreats

Industrial Security Services

We provide professional and trained Industrial security guards to secure your business. a way of security is most vital for anyone, regardless of the work and therefore the environment you’re engaged in. Let it’s a neighborhood where you reside in or a little or big business you deal with, having Top Bengaluru Squad Services is vital for they guard the place and help prevent any crime.

The advancement of technology has brought various access control and CCTV systems, also as other automation systems to guard your property and money. Nevertheless, these technological devices cannot replace the professional and highly-skilled top security industrial security services which answer crimes and breaches. We at top security services provide you with the simplest security services to safeguard your industries and your valuable machinery and equipment.


The industries and factories are considered to be vulnerable places with much expensive machinery and equipment lying in and around them. Moreover, these places have an outsized number of workers involved in various tasks, and monitoring them during entering and exiting the premises may be a tedious task. The visitors also visit these places and our industrial security officer monitors and ensures their authenticity without harming their individuality.


As an expert in an industrial security agency, we are recognized for our services which involve complete safety and prevention of loss of life at your site. Being exceptional adroit professionals we ensure security to your highly sophisticated machines and safety to the workers by regular patrols. a number of the benefits of our industrial security services are:

Personal Security Guard for Apartment and Residents

Even though south regions in India are generally safe and don’t represent life-threatening challenges, having a group of professional bodyguards accompanying you can enhance your feeling of being in charge of circumstances. At the same time, It will also supply you with prime expertise and insight into professional life.

You can take personal security guards for you or your family and friends on all traveling experiences, including those outside state with our multilingual guards, or fully equipped travel ideas.

All our security personnel regularly pass all the necessary tests to not just keep themselves physically and mentally fit but also to modernize their defensive and offensive caliber, and to enhance their discerning skills to identify and tackle all types of menaces

Armed security: Note that at your request you can be provided with armed security to ensure the utmost safety in business and feel a true Safety Category. Your bodyguards are taught to deliver VIP protection and wield the most modern of weaponry so feel free to contact us for what may seem like your own commando unit on a very important mission.

VIP Service

Ex-Service Professionals: For an important person, there can never be too few private security personnel. You can hire bodyguards who are ex-servicemen of the army who are hired for special VIP guard services through the Bengaluru squad to accompany you to important events, such as business meetings, football games, disco parties, cultural and fundraising visits, and many more.

What can be more imposing than being surrounded by a posse of fit and elegant-looking bodyguards, or riding in a motorcade of black jeeps with well-equipped men.