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“Dogs are superior to man in that they have a fair share of man’s intelligence but none of his meanness.” – GEORGE BERNARD SHAW

Dog squad Services in Bangalore

Bengaluru Squad Services is well known in breeding and training the finest dog squads. Dog squad services in the areas of tracking, narcotic detection, explosive detection(sniffer), guarding, anti-smuggling, rescue, infantry patrolling, poison detection and mine detection.

Dog squad due to certain inherent qualities have become an integral and extremely useful tool for the security agencies in modern times. They are gifted with highly developed natural senses of smell, hearing, coupled with their speed, stamina, ferocity, faithfulness and these qualities which have been exploited by human beings to their best of advantage.

Considering the threat perception posed to Indian economy and society by the contrabands like narcotics etc., the importance of sniffer dog squad is immense.

Popular Breeds

Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois and Cocker Spaniel are the popular breeds with us for Dog Squad Services

  • Sentry and Attack K9s: These dogs are used to locate and subdue suspects or enemies, and to provide security for sensitive or controlled areas
  • Search and Rescue K9s: These dogs are used to locate suspects or find missing people or objects.
  • Detection or Explosive K9s: These dogs are used to detect illicit substances such as drugs or explosives which may be carried on a person or in their effects
  • Arson K9s: These dogs are trained to pick up on traces of accelerants at sites of suspected arson.
  • Cadaver K9s: These dogs are trained in detecting cadaverine and other odors of decomposing bodies. Dogs’ noses are so sensitive that they are even capable of detecting bodies that are under running water
  • General Purpose K9s:General purpose (GP) dogs are trained for deployment in criminal work across a variety of situations such as unit containment, tracking ,high security escort functions,building searches ,escapes,article searches, drug detection etc…

We provide Dog Squad Services to all law enforcement agencies or Authorised Parties 24 X 7.

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