Bengaluru Squad Public Awareness Message

Public Awareness: Getting straight to the point as we all know what a security agency or private security company is in general, but how many of us know the exact functions and powers of a security agency and how it can help in times of extreme crisis, Bengaluru Squad Services provides a glance on the unknown areas of the private security agency.

Areas of Operation:

1. Physical security,

2. Personnel security,

3. Information systems security,

4. Investigations,

5. Loss prevention,

6. Risk management,

7. Legal aspects,

8. Emergency and contingency planning,

9. Fire protection,

10. Crisis management,

11. Disaster management,

12. Counterterrorism,

13. Competitive intelligence,

14. Executive protection,

15. Violence in the workplace,

16. Crime prevention,

17. Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), and

18. Security architecture and engineering.

10 Questions to Help You Evaluate Security Guard Services

For anyone considering hiring a security firm


First, you should start with a self-evaluation. Knowing the specific security concerns of your business, location, and building site will give you a better picture of what you need to look for in a security service.


Once you’ve completed your self-evaluation and begin searching online for security guard services, use the following questions to thoroughly assess each option:

1. Does the company have experience with businesses similar to yours?

2. Do they offer services in your city?

3. What are other customers saying about them online?

4. What’s behind their pricing?

a. Extra costs

b. Lower paid guards

c. Less spent on overhead

5. Do they have up-to-date insurance and licensing?

6. Do guards have sufficient support/backup?

7. What are the company’s processes, policies, and Standards like?

8. How is their response rate?

9. Observe and Report

10. Knowledge of Safety Precautions

Employee Dishonesty – Are You Confident in Your Coverage?

In recent times, we have come through many incidents where security companies and their guards themselves are being a threat to the client/owner, on many instances we see that in the absence of the Supervisor or the owner of business or property there are thefts that is been organized by in-house security guards themselves, trust and reliability is something which has become a concern while choosing a Security service Agency, be alert and check all the licensing of the company you choose before hiring any security firm for your services. Read the article “Bengaluru Squad Statutory Regulations” to know about the mandatory check before choosing an agency.

2021 Has Already Taught Us a Lot about Safe Security Guard

So far, 2021 has been anything but boring – and ongoing incidents have continued to highlight the growing importance of security guards at a variety of events. But events have also shown that a poorly managed security team can do far more harm than good. As we all know that we are fighting COVID-19 Pandemic globally for the last two years, if you do not have the right security for your office or home, the vulnerability of intruders with symptoms of COVID entering your premises is more and end up in health safety issue, be sure they are aware of all the health safety protocols and are following the same on a timely manner.

The good news about situations like this is that they highlight just how important competence and professionalism are in the security industry. Practice and advertise these capabilities – it’s becoming increasingly clear how important they are!

How Security Guards are Playing Important Roles in the Vaccination Process

The changing landscape of 2020 has seen many new opportunities for the security guard industry, from changing retail procedures to new technology on the rise. But heading into 2021, there’s a new field rapidly developing, and firms looking for more growth should start keeping track. The rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations is slowly beginning across the country, and how organizations may be looking for security firms with specific skills to help. Here’s what to watch for.

1. More Transportation Opportunities

2. Managing Storage and Supplies

3. Maintaining Order at Hospitals and Clinics

4. Protecting Key Employees and Frontline Workers

5. Continuing to Enforce Social Distancing Regulations

6. Dealing with the Unexpected

The crime rate in India has gone too far, be it kidnapping, rapes, or, thievery; our nation has become unsafe in every way possible. The growing crime rate calls for some actions in the form of a security agency, not all things can be handled by policy and government officials as we know we in a country which is got the 3rd largest population in the world and it is practically not possible for police and government officials to be present on all the events and act accordingly due to the limitation and availability, Bengaluru Squad Services as a security agency we believe in Prevention of Crime at the first place.

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