Mr. Amit Kumar

(B.A, Member of KSSA)


A person of dedication one could say, started his work in Bangalore as a security guard in a local security agency at the start of his career 18 years back, gradually grows his knowledge and marketing understanding about the services and operations of Security Company through various level of positions on his work from (Security Guard, Field officer, Supervisor, etc) later decided to start his own company and Registered Bengaluru Squad in the year 2017.

Overview: Bengaluru Squad is currently operating in Karnataka and other south Indian states with close to 400+ Clients and over 1200+ Employees and complies with all the legal regulations of the STATE and CENTRAL Government

From the MD (Bengaluru Squad)

It gives me great pleasure to convey this message on behalf of the entire management of Bengaluru Squad Services (Pvt) Ltd to our valued customers. Security has emerged as a challenge for the corporate sector, Business Enterprises, and individuals due to a variety of reasons. The management of Bengaluru Squad is motivated by its core value to be a catalyst in creating an enabling environment for the industry and the corporate sector as well for individuals so that they can pursue their respective endeavors in a safe, peaceful and tranquil environment. We have a highly experienced team of security professionals who implement their respective security-related competencies by offering sound security solutions to our valued corporate and individual clients. Our Security force consists of ex-servicemen including SSG-trained commandos, ex-police officers, and well-trained male and female security guards.

The importance of standards in Security Services is properly not understood by many. This is not merely a question of engaging security services and making few guards stand here and there, but it involves understanding and creating a culture of accountability that must apply to security services in the market, even though technology has grown high tech with latest motion sensor cameras, close circuit TV’s, Motion detecting cameras, face-reading artificial intelligence gadgets and much more, but considering all the advancement we still are facing continuous issues and security threats, reason being all these technologies can only track and monitor the crime and unusual activities and leave a record and can only be useful for a person who is concerned about his identity disclose, but for regular thefts and burglars, these technology is not even a concern, we can only find out how it happened and who did but there is no further resource for immediate rescue and halt for the crime. That’s where companies like us play a vital role in these situations.

Concern of Most Security Agencies:

Just as with the NSG, SPG, Z+, police profession, training requirements for the private security industry have evolved over time. For many years security officers were poorly chosen and poorly trained (if at all), partly because security companies who contracted with clients in private industry were paid very little for their security services. For the most part, contracts were awarded to security officer companies through a competition process and the final selection was often made based on cost rather than the experience or professionalism of the security guard company.

Most of the clients and companies do not want to comply with the government norms such as Minimum Wages, GST, ESI, PF, and other statutory for the guards hired, they treat the guard as Labour and want them to work as daily wage laborers, through this message all the government authorities responsible for handling security agencies should roll out an amendment to follow the statutory compliance by company and clients without fail, we firmly believe that we can stop variation in hiring costs, create a corruption-free revenue and also equally contribute the responsible taxes to the government accordingly

Value of Security Agencies:

Due to the increased growth of agencies in the industry, it’s hard to find the reliable and potential companies. But at the same time other concern which most of the reputed company facing is that most of us have been considered among the new bees in the market and start negotiating on the unrealistic terms, I insist every client who chooses security company for their requirements of corporate, industrial, Gun Man Services, Apartment Security, Personal Security Guard to verify and understand the companies value before making predictions on their credibility, kindly refer Bengaluru squad article “Bengaluru Squad Statutory Regulations” to know more about the statutory requirements and compliance to be verified before choosing an agency.

Therefore the customers must study the activities of the Security provider and check his office premises and training arrangements before finalizing the contract, since the customer is not hiring individuals but an organization, which would supervise and provide required security support to the client

(Yours: Amit Kumar)

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